I am an experienced workshop facilitator, skilled at introducing people to using the process of ‘journeying’ to connect with plant spirits, power animals and more. I am not a ‘shaman’ (to bear this title properly involves many years of training and initiation in a pure indigenous tradition.  Many people are not aware of this fact and as a result,  mistakenly refer to themselves as shamans rather than shamanic practitioners).

I am a shamanic practitioner who understands and is able to share with others the use of ‘household shamanism’ for healing and enhancing one’s connection with Life. This includes some aspects of working with plant allies and power animals, and Soul Retrieval.

For some years when I ran the dreaming butterfly centre,  I taught extensively. Now I teach occasional groups on application or invitation. Please contact me if you are interested.


Comments from students

From a day on Plant Spirit Medicine, November 2016, when we journeyed with Woad and Holy Basil:

Meeting with Woad was something I had wanted to do for some time as I believe she had sent out the call. My initial engagement with her was exhilarating and inspiring. To meet with her as a living plant and then to journey to meet her spirit felt beautifully held by you Pip. There was something in your knowing and wisdom that initiated a deep and profound journey for me. When a wisdom keeper is in her truth as you are it raises the vibration and potential for a more profound experience. Meeting Tulsi in the way we did was a big lesson in honouring. The chanting ,dancing, tasting and journeying felt like they were so appreciated by this holy plant. Afterwards I felt that all plants should be honoured in this way. The next day I journeyed with another special plant teacher who awakened in me a knowing that all of life needs honouring and that all of life needs ceremony. Bringing all this together makes for very happy beings.                GA Lake District


Journey with Woad; my chest felt tight during this journey,I came out of the inner space after getting a bit angry!!I went into a lovely pool of bright blue water,then a “vision”of J,s place,where lots of Woad was growing with the Willow. a lovely feeling of Woad wisdom.Wise Woad,reaching out to colour our lives with her prescence.                                                                    JB. Wirrral

“I initially studied anatomy and physiology with Pip as part of my holistic massage course- her insight and wisdom opened my eyes to a whole new world so I jumped at the chance to be on her shamanic course. Even now, many years later I find the the work we did in Wales is still resonating. It’s impossible to describe Pip in a sentence- her caring, nurturing energy works alongside a fierce passion and devotion of our planet and those who dwell on it. Prue nichols london.”


“I’ve been on several of Pip’s workshops and not only learnt a lot but had a great time doing so. Pip is really nice and there is always a good atmosphere at her events”  M.J. ChepstowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA