I became very interested in healing and in spirituality after an experience in my late twenties with Reiki healing woke me up to the realisation that there is more in the world than the purely material. This led to a long path of spiritual exploration and discovery first in the shamanic/earth based traditions as well as Reiki healing.

From 2002 until 2009 I ran a healing retreat centre in the hills near Llangollen called ‘The Dreaming Butterfly’. This centre offered interesting workshops on various aspects of natural healing, particularly those that focused on connecting with nature, with one’s own self, with others and with the Divine in all it’s forms.

I left this place at the end of 2009 to live in a small town with my very elderly parents who I cared for until recently.


18My mum has Alzheimer’s and is now in a home and my dad died at home in May at the age of 92. I learned a lot about the caring and dying process with this experience, which was hugely challenging and I couldn’t have done it without ‘RC': Re-evaluation Counselling. I sometimes teach introductions to this wonderfully useful and world-changing technique, and I know I will continue to practice it for the rest of my life.

We did a‘home burial’ for my dad on our land (I own a small field that used to be attached to my previous property), and I am available to give talks about my experience of the natural dying and burial process.

19. picture of grave with roses


I have a wonderful son who is eleven. He writes fabulous poems, such as this one:

Life is the cold bitter wind swishing through the old bony door.
Life is the overlapping waves on the deep treacherous ocean with the breaking yacht violently fighting to stay afloat.
Life is the crackling fire drawing air from the leaves in the scorched trees.
Life is the fragile blind earthworm squirming through the stony ground.
(by Alex Whetstone. Age 10)


I must confess that I don’t love gardening – I like to do a bit now and then,  and I like very much to be in gardens, but my great love is to be outside walking in wild nature – which is wonderfully available all around my home town of Llangollen.


I love singing and I make up songs and play the piano (not particularly well, but I’m told some of my songs are fabulous!). This one is about the beautiful  River Dee in Llangollen…



Divine Love…

A few years ago I fell in love with Radha and Krishna as I began to practice the spiritual path of bhakti yoga