Herb Lore

I have taught people about herbs at all levels, ranging from introductory talks and classes on home use of herbs, to being a Clinical Supervisor at a clinic training professional medical herbalists.


I now mostly enjoys sharing my knowledge about plants and health with whilst making potions, lotions, foods and more from the bounty of nature.

Herbal courses are run in North Wales, and I can travel elsewhere by invitation. Want to organise a DOMESTIC ALCHEMIST course in your area?  – great!  Contact me 

40 elder beries

Out of this love, and the desire to encourage love and respect for nature and the wonderful plant world,  has come my latest book:

UK Edition

The Domestic Alchemist: 501 Herbal Recipes for Home, Health & Happiness

Out Feb 2015


this same book is to be published March 2015 in the USA as

The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health: 501 Recipes for Healthy Living, Green Cleaning, and Natural Beauty


Comments from Students

I’ve been to two of Pip’s herb days at the garden now and she has both times excited and challenged me and exceeded my expectations. Pip brims full of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of plants and how to make use of them, as well as how to incorporate rituals and shamanic practices into our relationship with the natural world. And the best thing by far is that you get to take home pots of the things you made, which are so much better than anything you could ever buy in the shops!  A.D. Carrog7A - open-air domestic alchemy

Thanks for the Magic of Herbs workshop. It really was a magical day. Having read your book Holistic Anatomy, I guessed I might be in for an informative day. It exceeded my expectations and went a layer deeper than I’d anticipated. Along with my herbal remedies, I left with loads of knowledge, and better still, fired up and inspired to learn more.
Diolch yn fawr iawn.             Iona Price: Blaenau Ffestiniog

It was a wonderful time with Pip at The Garth Hillside Organic Garden. Our day started with an aromatic herb tea that freshly picked from the Garden with introduction of the benefits from each ingredient.  Then came with a background sharing among participants which definitely made all of us well connected to each other.  Pip shared a wide range of knowledge on herbs, berries, moon, energy and of course, the way to make beneficial herbal products from plants growing wild around us! Pip’s professional knowledge on herbs and all the natural remedies to benefit our body just opened my eyes to a new level of self care.  Her positive energy just lift everyone up for the whole day, especially a never-ending laughing yoga.  A meditation under the hawthorn tree was the highlight, which we were connected with the nature and felt the energy from it.Overall, it’s a fantastic day with great people, wonderful atmosphere, delicious lunch and snack, beneficial knowledge on herbs and berries and amazing produce brought home with us!  A great Thank You to Pip! Marvis Lam. Oswestry.

I went for the most interesting walk of my life with Pip once! She pointed out every plant, saying: This plant is good for this part of the body, Here eat some of this, it’s good for so-and-so, No, that one is poisonous, Yes, this one is good for that part of the body. etc etc. She is a mine of information, I intend to buy her book soon”. Serge Sergiou, Chirk


Want to organise a DOMESTIC ALCHEMIST course in your area?  – great!  Contact me