From 2000 to 2009 I ran a centre called ‘the dreaming butterfly for healing and transformation’ which made its home in the beautiful North Wales hills of Maerdy, Conwy county. The dreaming butterfly was about fostering and encouraging heart connection of people with each other, with the land and nature, with Divine in its many forms, and with the self.

Our motto was ‘not for ourselves alone, but that the people may live…’

Many wonderful workshops, trainings, courses and happenings were created. Then huge personal transformations occurred and the dreaming butterfly went into chrysalis form….

31Did you know that inside a caterpillar are butterfly genes, dormant until a certain time in the caterpillar’s life. When the caterpillar makes a chrysalis, the butterfly genes wake up, and start to attack the caterpillar. The caterpillar tries to fight this complete transformation, but the butterfly genes are too strong and the caterpillar is effectively destroyed – it is dissolved, and it’s molecules used to build the butterfly. Interesting, eh? And reminiscent of the pain we feel when going through intense transformation and change in our lives, our psyches, our ideas about ourselves…

So, when the dreaming butterfly went into chrysalis form, I moved into town with my very elderly parents, where they (Sheila and David Waller) were able to live active lives as independently as possible for some years.


Now Sheila needs more care and is living locally in a small family run home, and David died at home gracefully in May 2014. I am happy to talk about this natural/conscious dying process, and also about the completely natural ‘home burial’ we conducted for him.

19. picture of grave with roses

 The dreaming butterfly is at present mainly publishing books about Bhakti Yoga – the ecstatic path of connecting with the Divine through loving devotion and service. See