A very experienced therapist and healer, in practice for nearly thirty years, I treat the individual person rather than particular illnesses or problems. I incorporate all the skills and experience I have acquired, in a truly holistic approach. The aim is to restore energetic balance and harmony to the spirit, which can then positively affect health on all levels.


A key part of my approach is working with plant spirit medicine within the framework of Classical Chinese Medicine – the five elements. Plant spirit medicine channels the energy and power of nature to restore balance to our whole being. It often has the most extraordinary and beautiful effects on a person’s life.

I currently am available to see people by appointment at my practice in Llangollen.


The first treatment session lasts around 2 hours, subsequent sessions are usually an hour although may sometimes be longer or shorter. Typically people come every week or two to begin with, sometimes for many weeks, later on coming less often as balance is restored. Herbal medicines and vitamin/mineral supplements may sometimes be given, in addition to plant spirit medicine treatments, Reiki, soul retrieval and body work. Concession prices are available for those in financial need.


I am currently a member of the U.K. Based Association of Master Herbalists

and the international Plant Spirit Medicine Association

Testimonials from clients

Pip has an unusually grounded and strong presence. Her sessions reflect this. She tunes into your needs on a deeply intuitive and loving way, bringing her years and breadth of experience to the meeting. I come away from her sessions feeling integrated, grounded, free and light. I have experienced many different kinds of therapies but i find Pip takes me to places that i have longed for without knowing it and retrieves sacred and necessary parts of myself to support me become more and more successful in every aspect of my life. Interestingly, immediately after her sessions, something monumental normally happens. A shift of some kind. I am not surprised but always delighted!                                                                                      C.M. Bath. 2016

I first went to see Pip just over 6 years ago, having been recommended by a few different people, and I’m so glad I did! Not only did Pip permanently sort out the physical problem that I presented her with but I feel as though that first day I met Pip was a turning point in my life. Whatever it is she does (still a bit of a mystery to me!) really works on all sorts of levels. I now go back for occasional courses of treatment seasonally and that always puts me back on track and gives a bit of perspective. Pip’s treatments beautifully combine a balance of ancient wisdom, solid herbal knowledge, spot-on understanding and that bit of magic! I hope I can keep on benefiting for a long time to come.   From  A.D. Carrog


Pip Waller and Plant Spirit Medicine saved my life literally. I was very sick when I met Pip and she nurtured me back to a tolerable life. I haven’t a clue how it worked but as each week passed I started to feel better and better. I am eternally grateful to Pip, not only did she facilitate my healing but she showed me a way forward to improve my life dramatically. It has been a long haul – but then it took a long haul to get as ill as I was. Thank you so much            S.C.      Gwynedd

Pip is an amazing woman. She has helped me so many times. I don’t know how it works – the ‘plant spirit medicine’ – but it does! Pip is so in touch with how my body responds. I can’t recommend her enough – there’s no-one else like her.             C.Palmer        (Oswestry)

I met the beautiful Pip by chance and felt a instant connection, her Wisdom knowledge and healing has changed my life forever! She is always so loving and caring towards me. I am full of gratitude and know I now have a dear friend?much Love Pip.                 Tina Wrexham?

I received the most amazing plant spirit medicine healing in the summer of 2014. Really really helped my back which was agonising at that time. Thank you.       Tulsi. Saint Dogmaels, Wales