From Patients


Dear Pip Am writing to thank you for whatever magic you worked earlier in the year. I was in a poor way, the colour had gone along with my joy for life.Looking back I have no doubt I was descending into depression. A work client was concerned and paid for me to have a consultation with you. You listened to my story from beginning to end. Thankyou so much for that. You listened properly and deeply and gave me all the time I needed. After your treatment I left feeling tangibly different. Very hungry actually and unusually took myself to bed with a hotwater bottle in the afternoon. The next day I woke feeling entirely back to normal !! It felt like the missing brick in my foundations had been booted back into place. It was quite extraordinary and I have no doubt you saved me from a long dark journey. I haven’t looked back since. Thankyou so much Pip. Words cant express. O.C. Powys. 2017

Pip has an unusually grounded and strong presence. Her sessions reflect this. She tunes into your needs on a deeply intuitive and loving way, bringing her years and breadth of experience to the meeting. I come away from her sessions feeling integrated, grounded, free and light. I have experienced many different kinds of therapies but i find Pip takes me to places that i have longed for without knowing it and retrieves sacred and necessary parts of myself to support me become more and more successful in every aspect of my life. Interestingly, immediately after her sessions, something monumental normally happens. A shift of some kind. I am not surprised but always delighted!                                                                       C.M. Bath 2016

I first went to see Pip just over 6 years ago, having been recommended by a few different people, and I’m so glad I did! Not only did Pip permanently sort out the physical problem that I presented her with but I feel as though that first day I met Pip was a turning point in my life. Whatever it is she does (still a bit of a mystery to me!) really works on all sorts of levels. I now go back for occasional courses of treatment seasonally and that always puts me back on track and gives a bit of perspective. Pip’s treatments beautifully combine a balance of ancient wisdom, solid herbal knowledge, spot-on understanding and that bit of magic! I hope I can keep on benefiting for a long time to come.   From  A.D. Carrog

Pip Waller and Plant Spirit Medicine saved my life literally. I was very sick when I met Pip and she nurtured me back to a tolerable life. I haven’t a clue how it worked but as each week passed I started to feel better and better. I am eternally grateful to Pip, not only did she facilitate my healing but she showed me a way forward to improve my life dramatically. It has been a long haul – but then it took a long haul to get as ill as I was. Thank you so much            S.C.      Gwynedd

Pip is an amazing woman. She has helped me so many times. I don’t know how it works – the ‘plant spirit medicine’ – but it does! Pip is so in touch with how my body responds. I can’t recommend her enough – there’s no-one else like her.             C.Palmer        (Oswestry)

I met the beautiful Pip by chance and felt a instant connection, her Wisdom knowledge and healing has changed my life forever! She is always so loving and caring towards me. I am full of gratitude and know I now have a dear friend?much Love Pip.                 Tina Wrexham?

I received the most amazing plant spirit medicine healing in the summer of 2014. Really really helped my back which was agonising at that time. Thank you.       Tulsi. Saint Dogmaels, Wales 

From Students

Plant Spirit Medicine introduction:

Meeting with Woad was something I had wanted to do for some time as I believe she had sent out the call. My initial engagement with her was exhilarating and inspiring. To meet with her as a living plant and then to journey to meet her spirit felt beautifully held by you Pip. There was something in your knowing and wisdom that initiated a deep and profound journey for me. When a wisdom keeper is in her truth as you are it raises the vibration and potential for a more profound experience. Meeting Tulsi in the way we did was a big lesson in honouring. The chanting ,dancing, tasting and journeying felt like they were so appreciated by this holy plant. Afterwards I felt that all plants should be honoured in this way. The next day I journeyed with another special plant teacher who awakened in me a knowing that all of life needs honouring and that all of life needs ceremony. Bringing all this together makes for very happy beings.                GA Lake District

Journey with Woad; my chest felt tight during this journey,I came out of the inner space after getting a bit angry!!I went into a lovely pool of bright blue water,then a “vision”of J,s place,where lots of Woad was growing with the Willow. a lovely feeling of Woad wisdom.Wise Woad,reaching out to colour our lives with her prescence.                                                                    JB. Wirrral

Holistic Anatomy:
I was taught Anatomy, Physiology and pathology by Pip as part of my Holistic Massage diploma. As a registered nurse and now clinical nurse specialist what PIp Taught me far outweighed anything I was taught on my degree, I understood the systems so much more than when I was at university. Thankyou Pip.                                
Natalie Lee Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist. Birmingham.

 I was taught anatomy, physiology & pathology by Pip as part of my holistic massage diploma, and it was so much more than that. She managed to ignite a passion for learning about the body, healing and energy work and to always be inquisitive – to really get the mind-body connection and how important a firm base of knowledge is. And my learning journey has continued ever since. Pip’s wisdom and insight helped me understand at a deeper level – and there was plenty of laughter and singing too.              Corrina Jelleyman Windsor UK.

Pip taught me anatomy and physiology in order for me to attain professional status with my Kinesiology course. I loved her enlivening style which was geared towards how I would be using it and in addition to making it  very interesting as well as detailed, professional and informative . I found it enaging, and her obvious mastery and innate understanding of the body shone through which gave me a lot of confidence and has led me find a passion for it in myself that I didn’t know was there. I can whole heartedly recomend her to anyone who would just like to know more about the body to those needing a thorough and expert grounding in the subject.                     ChaNan, Machynlleth

 Holistic Anatomy

Learning APP with Pip was a great experience. With her extensive knowledge of the subject she imparted information with warmth and humour and in a way that made it immediately accessible so that not only did we learn about the workings, functions and systems of our bodies but we were able to understand something about how we were living in them! This in my opinion is invaluable.                        LW, PSM healer, Shropshire.

“I initially studied anatomy and physiology with Pip as part of my holistic massage course- her insight and wisdom opened my eyes to a whole new world so I jumped at the chance to be on her shamanic course. Even now, many years later I find the the work we did in Wales is still resonating. It’s impossible to describe Pip in a sentence- her caring, nurturing energy works alongside a fierce passion and devotion of our planet and those who dwell on it. Prue nichols london.16


Herbal Fun

“I’ve been on several of Pip’s workshops and not only learnt a lot but had a great time doing so. Pip is really nice and there is always a good atmosphere at her events”  M.J. Chepstow

I’ve been to two of Pip’s herb days at the garden now and she has both times excited and challenged me and exceeded my expectations. Pip brims full of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of plants and how to make use of them, as well as how to incorporate rituals and shamanic practices into our relationship with the natural world. And the best thing by far is that you get to take home pots of the things you made, which are so much better than anything you could ever buy in the shops!  A.D. Carrog

Thanks for the Magic of Herbs workshop. It really was a magical day. Having read your book Holistic Anatomy, I guessed I might be in for an informative day. It exceeded my expectations and went a layer deeper than I’d anticipated. Along with my herbal remedies, I left with loads of knowledge, and better still, fired up and inspired to learn more.
Diolch yn fawr iawn.             Iona Price: Blaenau Ffestiniog

It was a wonderful time with Pip at The Garth Hillside Organic Garden. Our day started with an aromatic herb tea that freshly picked from the Garden with introduction of the benefits from each ingredient.  Then came with a background sharing among participants which definitely made all of us well connected to each other.  Pip shared a wide range of knowledge on herbs, berries, moon, energy and of course, the way to make beneficial herbal products from plants growing wild around us! Pip’s professional knowledge on herbs and all the natural remedies to benefit our body just opened my eyes to a new level of self care.  Her positive energy just lift everyone up for the whole day, especially a never-ending laughing yoga.  A meditation under the hawthorn tree was the highlight, which we were connected with the nature and felt the energy from it.Overall, it’s a fantastic day with great people, wonderful atmosphere, delicious lunch and snack, beneficial knowledge on herbs and berries and amazing produce brought home with us!  A great Thank You to Pip! Marvis Lam. Oswestry.

I went for the most interesting walk of my life with Pip once! She pointed out every plant, saying: This plant is good for this part of the body, Here eat some of this, it’s good for so-and-so, No, that one is poisonous, Yes, this one is good for that part of the body. etc etc. She is a mine of information, I intend to buy her book soon”. Serge Sergiou, Chirk