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I have taught Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the last 25 years on various natural medicine courses. These include reflexology, shiatsu, holistic massage, acupuncture and kinesiology courses. I am an extremely experienced and creative teacher with a unique friendly and adaptable style. I am able to explain the sometimes daunting subject of anatomy,  physiology and pathology at various levels in an understandable way. I am available by arrangement to teach classes on APP,  and from time to time I schedule  a 90 hour APP course with 40-45 contact hours (6 days) and 50 hours of marked assignments, such as is required by the Federation of Kinesiologists.(And has been accepted by other holistic therapy courses which require an APP qualification).

I sometimes agree to teach on someone elses’ course, and also have been known to run ‘user’s guide to the body’ workshops.

please contact me to register your interest in attending a course,  or invite me to teach in your area.

Inspired by the encouragement of my many students over the years, I wrote a bookHolistic Anatomy HOLISTIC ANATOMY – An Integrative Guide to the Human Body which was published by North Atlantic Books in 2010. You can buy this direct from the author  or from amazon


Comments from students:  ·

I feel so lucky to have met the mischievous goddess @pip.waller on#thepracticesofleadershipandempowermemt. She weaves the mystery and magic of the micro universe that is our mind body intelligence in such profound ways with western science, quantum physics, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, plant spirit wisdom, imagery, both the esoteric and the exoteric. Learning about the bodily functions has never felt more spiritual, more practical and more alive. I can’t recommend her book holisticanatomy enough. And can’t wait to get my hands on the domestic alchemist. Thank you for sharing your light Pip           
                                                       Rikke Brodin Yoga Teacher   (posted on Instagram 2016)   

I was taught Anatomy, Physiology and pathology by Pip as part of my Holistic Massage diploma. As a registered nurse and now clinical nurse specialist what PIp Taught me far outweighed anything I was taught on my degree, I understood the systems so much more than when I was at university. Thankyou Pip.                                Natalie Lee Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist. Birmingham.

 I was taught anatomy, physiology & pathology by Pip as part of my holistic massage diploma, and it was so much more than that. She managed to ignite a passion for learning about the body, healing and energy work and to always be inquisitive – to really get the mind-body connection and how important a firm base of knowledge is. And my learning journey has continued ever since. Pip’s wisdom and insight helped me understand at a deeper level – and there was plenty of laughter and singing too.              Corrina Jelleyman Windsor UK.

Pip taught me anatomy and physiology in order for me to attain professional status with my Kinesiology course. I loved her enlivening style which was geared towards how I would be using it and in addition to making it  very interesting as well as detailed, professional and informative . I found it enaging, and her obvious mastery and innate understanding of the body shone through which gave me a lot of confidence and has led me find a passion for it in myself that I didn’t know was there. I can whole heartedly recomend her to anyone who would just like to know more about the body to those needing a thorough and expert grounding in the subject.                     ChaNan, Machynlleth


Learning APP with Pip was a great experience. With her extensive knowledge of the subject she imparted information with warmth and humour and in a way that made it immediately accessible so that not only did we learn about the workings, functions and systems of our bodies but we were able to understand something about how we were living in them! This in my opinion is invaluable.                        LW, PSM healer, Shropshire.


Pip’s fascination, love, and thorough and eclectic knowledge of her subject shines through her teaching.  Her presentation style is vibrant, humorous, creative, engaging and fun.  As a consequence I learned and retained far more than I would have imagined and even enjoyed my homework.                                                                             Lala    –  Llangollen


Intelligent, funny…only Pip Waller could make anatomy and physiology so exciting. A fabulous healer, teacher, carer, mother and friend…                                             FH, Dorset


Pip is an amazing creative herbalist and healer with so much experience and knowledge teaching anatomy and physiology in an interesting accessible way. Us wild n wicked witches loves her deeply. KL Londinium