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A few thoughts on coronavirus from a naturopathic perspective

by | Dec 28, 2021

I wrote this at the start of the pandemic, and have just updated it here and there. The advice is still pretty good

Coronavirus is worse than ordinary seasonal flu because it has a slightly higher fatality rate than most seasonal flus (though much lower than particularly bad years. In fact it is safe to assume that very many of the people who have died from coronavirus would have died from flu if that is what was circulating). The average age of death from covid19 in the UK is around 80 – a bit older for women, a bit younger for men.

Early on in the pandemic it was thought that around 15-20% of people who get it require hospital care. I just checked this statistic with the UK ONS (office of national statistics) and it seems this was a very high guesstimate…

“The hospital admission rate of COVID-19-confirmed patients in England remain similar at 7.16 per 100,000 people in the week ending 19 December 2021. In the latest week, rates decreased in six out of nine English regions, with the largest decrease in the West Midlands and largest increase in London.”

Covid19 seems to be about as highly contagious as a nasty cold, (many colds are after all coronaviruses, and still a majority of people experience covid as a cold) but because at the start of the pandemic most people hadn’t met it so had not established natural immunity to is, and because it is very heavy on certain groups, and, because so many people are not in generally good health, it was quite easy for it to overwhelm our already over-burdened healthcare system.

People in particularly vulnerable groups – the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions especially lung disease (this includes all long term smokers btw) and heart problems and immune difficulties are those who need to be particularly careful.

Most people (999 out of 1000) get ill and recover fine. Some don’t even really have any symptoms – the official narrative has been to build up the possibility of asymptomatic spread, but the data now mostly confirms that you can’t spread it unless you are ill with it in some way. 

I believe if you really tune in with yourself and pay close attention, you can feel if you are fighting something off and could at very least keep away from vulnerable people- mostly older but also many vulnerable people with compromised immune systems or suffering already with health problems. 

Also gargle with warm water several times day – this has shown to reduce the picking up of respiratory viral infections in offices. You might like to add some iodine to this. Just keeps washing out anything that got in your throat. The virus enters through mouth and nose and it becomes a problem if it gets to your lungs. I also think it might be good to use a barrier ointment up your nose when you go out. (I don’t think it’s necessary at home unless you are vulnerable and someone in your household has to go out). Dr Sarah Myhill’s anti-infection protocol described here advises iodine up the nose. Not everyone can tolerate iodine, and not everyone can tolerate herbs/oils – see what works for you.

It’s a new virus (a variation on an old one, very likely genetically created in that Wuhan lab) so our immune systems need to adapt to recognize and deal with it. People who don’t get very ill with it are those who’s immune system is most quickly able to adapt. This is why the main approach holistically is to support and strengthen the immune system. Having said that, a good robust illness in a healthy person does tend to mean that they develop excellent and lasting immunity. For detailed advice about prevention and treatment, see here.

A key factor that depresses our immunity is stress – so a lot of fear mongering over Covid is not a good idea. try to keep your spirits up, despite all the strangeness of our times, it is still a beautiful world. Life is good, and so is death, when the time comes. Meanwhile, courage and kindness.