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An Introduction to Re-evaluation Counselling

by | Jan 13, 2022

Re-evaluation counselling, or ‘co-counselling’ is a peer-listening project that began in the USA in the 1950s.

To think you know what it is because you know what ‘counselling’ is, is a mistake.

Re-valuation counselling is actually a life-changing, revolutionary theory and practice based on observation and experimentation by a growing group of people in over 90 countries. It has a very advanced and elegant theoretical basis, and a practice that works brilliantly – although it takes time to build up the skills and knowledge to experience it at its fullest power, even beginners can soon notice it’s beneficial effects on their lives.

Although she first came into contact with RC in the late 80s, Pip did not back then realise how useful it would be so didn’t take the opportunity to learn it. She next came across it 15 years later, and because some friends she particularly respected rated it highly, she gave it a go, and now confidently says that it has changed her life for the better and continues to be one of the most helpful techniques she has ever learned for healing and personal development.

Its basic theory is that human beings come equipped with an in-built ability to completely recover from all hurts and traumas – just as our bodies can mend a broken bone, or repair a wound, so our minds have a mechanism to recover from distressing experiences. This recovery process is very simple, and is found in ALL humans from all races and cultures. In RC we call this process of emotional expression ‘discharge’, because of its intensely physical nature.

It involves crying, trembling or shaking, sweating, moving, yawning and talking about our experiences, thoughts and feelings. To be able to recover ones innate ability to express repressed emotions to freely and fully move is a very profound healing technique – it really can transform a traumatic experience into just something that happened to us, but no longer has the charge of emotional pain attached.

Somehow most societies have evolved to somehow mistake this healing process for the hurt itself, and people are made to suppress it from a very early age. But in fact, when someone is hurt and is crying, if the crying is stopped then the hurt does not vanish, but goes underground. The effort it takes to suppress painful feelings has the result of making our human thought processes, designed to be flexible, become rigid and stuck. Instead of us remaining as the warmly loving and co-operative individuals we naturally are, keen to be close to each other, full of zest for life and good at problem solving, we acquire ‘patterns’ that make us act in irrational ways. Examples of this can be seen everywhere.

The good news is that it is possible for us to regain our full humanness by learning to really listen well to each other, and to recover this natural emotional release process. Although it can take a little while to get the hang of it, once you have experienced the discharge process for yourself, you can tell that it is hugely beneficial. Re-evaluation counselling is a brilliant method for healing and personal development. It is also a very effective way to foster closeness and cooperation between people of all kinds.

Pip says
“Re-evaluaiton counselling has completely transformed my life over the 25 or so years I have been doing it, as it has for thousands of others. You can find out if there is anyone doing it in your area via https://www.rc.org/.”