Plant Spirit Medicine

Healing the deeper cause of disease  by  restoring  the spirit to balance and harmony.


Plant Spirit Medicine is based on Five Element Medicine, which  is a part of classical Chinese medicine, a system that developed and evolved over five thousand years. It is based on observation of the natural world and the seasons, and sees all life as belonging to this cycle.

Life energy, or Qi, flows naturally from Winter (water), to Spring (wood), to Summer (fire), to Harvest (earth), to Autumn (metal) and to Winter again. When we are in balance and harmony, our energy flows easily and feeds and nourishes all aspects of our life. We feel good in ourselves and in every  season and weather. When we are out of     balance, anything can happen. We experience symptoms in the body, mind and spirit.

The wisdom of the Five Element system shows that all of our problems originally stem from the one original imbalance or wound. If this original wound is treated, in time we will be restored to perfect health.

99% of illness in today is spiritual or energetic in origin, due to the imbalances in society which affect us all. An ideal way to treat such illness is with the help of Plants – in their pure energetic form. Plants understand how to live and be well in many difficult environments and conditions, and they are very willing to share this ‘medicine’ with us. Indeed, everything we need for survival on earth comes from plants.

Plant Spirit Medicine Healing is like gardening –  a natural process which takes time. Like gardening, astonishing and beautiful results happen  with this medicine.

Whilst improvements are often felt very early on, to really get to the root of your problems  takes time and persistence on your part. Thus it is necessary to commit to a course of treatment.

The first visit takes about two hours. The major ups and downs of your life are mapped, and a non-invasive physical examination is carried out. Treatments (which are non-invasive and completely painless) are carried out on a treatment couch and last up to an hour. You will be asked to return for treatment every 1 to 2 weeks to begin with for about the first 10 sessions.

My style is relaxed and friendly, and I offer a sliding scale to ensure that all treatments are accessible . I often use a wonderful combination of herbal treatment with Plant Spirit Medicine to help you return to full health.

Plant Spirit Medicine was developed by Eliot Cowan, who trained as a five element acupuncturist in the 1970s with the great healer J.R.Worsely. Eliot later fused his knowledge of five element medicine with what he learnt about exploring the energy, or spirit, of plants using shamanic journeying techniques (which he learnt from Michael Harner).

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