Space Clearing

Don’t like the vibes?

  • Does your house or workplace not feel quite right?
  • You or members of your family have difficulty sleeping?
  • Just can’t relax at home?
  • Nothing you try to do ever gets anywhere?
  • Are you plagued by one problem after another?
  • Want to sell your house and it just isn’t moving?

If you have any of the above problems, the issue may be to do with an ‘energy’ upset, and could be considerably helped by ‘Space Clearing’.

Pip trained in Balinese style space clearing with her fabulous sister Lucy Harmer, top international feng shui and space clearing consultant based in Geneva.

Space clearing is an energy technology from Bali where such things are widely understood. It is about cleaning away old memory impressions and vibrations form past events, freshening and uplifting the energy of a place – homes, workplaces, hotels and so on.

It is not a physical cleaning. The process involves a ceremony lasting from a few hours to all day depending on the size of property. The ceremony involves using the elements – water, fire, earth, air – to remove old stuck energy and bring in new sparkle. If necessary a space clearing ceremony includes ‘ghost busting’ – helping stuck departed souls to move on, and settling down disquiet ancestral energy.

Having your home or workplace space cleared is a wonderful experience. After a space clearing a place feels lighter, clearer, more spacious. Also, often quite miraculously, life starts to move in the right direction, with improved finances, relationships, creative projects, health and so forth.

For a full space clearing prices start at £350 for a one bedroom flat– the cost for an average size 3 bedroom house is about £700.

For a simpler ceremony aimed at ensuring your property will sell quickly, the price is £350

If you are interested in having your place space-cleared please contact me to discuss your needs and get an exact quote for your size of property.

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